The Houston-Galveston Trauma Institute

Consultation and Supervision

The most important question: Why don’t clinicians seek consultation?

Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD, coauthor of Trauma and the Therapist: Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization in Psychotherapy with Incest Survivors, says:
  • Only students have the license to “not know”
  • We confuse not knowing with ignorance and feel ashamed
  • Our training fosters the illusion that we are “finished”
  • We mistake what is legally required for what is ethically necessary or right
  • Continuing education is not consultation

The reality is:
  • Mental health cuts provide for only the basics
  • Managed care contracts are so low that quality training and consultation in any specialty are less affordable
  • The clinician is still accountable for quality of care


If you are a client seeking treatment for trauma related concerns, you are entitled to ask your mental health professional if he or she has received comprehensive training in psychological trauma.

If you are a therapist or human services provider seeking to receive training in psychological trauma, consultation and training is available in Houston. See below.
Faculty Email
Norman Decker: ObscureNorman
Jean Goodwin: ObscureJean
Rosalie Hyde: ObscureRosalie
Naomi Rosborough: ObscureNaomi
Consulting Fee
One hour: $200 per faculty member

Group consultation: $75 per group
Fees for consultation for agency staff are negotiated based on individual requirements.


Houston-Galveston Trauma Institute offers clinical supervision for those seeking licensure as Social Workers and Professional Counselors. The state boards require this supervision for professionals working toward independent licensure in the State of Texas.
Rosalie Hyde is an approved supervisor in the state of Texas for Social Workers.
Naomi Rosborough is an approved supervisor in the state of Texas for Licensed Professional Counselors.
Supervisory Fees
Individual supervision (one or two clinicians per session) $200 per hour

Groups: $75 per person, up to four participants, for ninety minutes